Deacon Community Board

 Deacon Community Board


Rev. Msgr. John J. Oliveira, P.A.

Deacon Community Board 2013-2015



Deacon and Mrs. Frank Lucca


1st class - Deacon and Mrs. Leo Racine

2nd Class - Deacon and Mrs. Richard Murphy

3rd Class - Deacon and Mrs. John Welch

4th Class - Deacon and Mrs. Paul Fournier

5th Class - Deacon and Mrs. Joseph Medeiros

6th Class - Deacon and Mrs. Jose Medina

7th Class - Deacon and Mrs. Del Malloy

8th Class - Deacon and Mrs Paul Levesque

Other Diocese - Deacon and Mrs. Richard Biron

Single/Widowed - Deacon Alan Thadeu

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